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Free Online Slots

About Online Slots

The history of slot machine started in 1891 when Sittman and Pitt of New York, USA have developed a gambling machine, which contains five drums holding a total of 50 card faces. The machine will work if you insert a nickel and pull a lever to spin the drums and the cards. In order to win, the player just hopes for a good poker hand.

During this time, there was no direct payout mechanism. A pair of kings might get the player a free beer; a royal flush could pay out cigars or drinks. Prizes are dependent on what was on offer at the local establishment.

Charles Fey was believed to invent the first one-armed bandit back in 1895. He devise with a machine with three spinning reels containing a total of five symbols, which include horseshoes, diamonds, spades, hearts and a Liberty Bell. Aside from that he devise with an effective automatic payout mechanism. Liberty Bell is the name of the machine, originally had a bell that rang when you hit a winning combination.

There are some experienced gamer’s who will not play unless the portal has Microgaming casino slots. These players know the fun that free play online casino slots provide and they would rather not play in casino slots coded by other organizations. Some of them have know to stay away from gaming for a few days. They look bored, yet they prefer waiting for the new slots games by Microgaming to appear online. One might say that these people are mad, but unless you have experienced the fun of playing slots by Microgaming, you will never understand.

It is always fun playing penny slot machines. Penny slots offer the least risky way to have some fun in a casino. This casino game is a great way to spend time and get on the road to big winnings. There is a wide selection of different types of slots to choose from which includes progressive slots, one-line classic slots and many more. Nickel, quarter, dollar and even five dollar slots are generally the denominations available. The most exciting penny slot machines are Daredevil Dave, Money Shot, Reel Deal Slots, Cleopatra’s Pyramid, Mermaids Quest Slots, Princess Jewels Slots, Cash Grab Slots and Fat Cat Slots.

If you will compare from table games, penny slots games and machines have greater payouts. Not only that it offers players a possibility to bet little and win a moderate amount of money, it is also cheap for slots players to practice their beloved recreational activity, which is to play slots. Penny slots is available at the featured casinos above.

Progressive Slots

The Two Kinds Of Progressive Slots

If you have been slightly confused about the different types of progressive slots available, we may have the thing to clear up some of your questions.

Progressive slots are basically of two types: The Stand Alone Progressive slots and In- House or Proprietary Progressives slots. The most distinctive feature of Stand Alone Progressive slots is that they are not connected to any other slot machines. You can generally win less money with these types of slots.

In-House or Proprietary Progressives slots are comprised of several machines that are connected to each other in a network. These types of slots generally offer you a much better chance of winning.

The Reality Of Progressive Slots

One of the main attractions of progressive slots is that they tend to offer larger jackpots than usual. In fact, some progressive slots can payout jackpots that are large enough to potentially change your life!

Before you go out on a frantic search for the nearest progressive slots machine however, you should be aware that the chances of actually hitting a huge jackpot that will have you set for life are really quite slim. This is something that every slot player who has played progressive slots fully expecting to win big has learned the hard way over many years of playing.

Of course this does not mean that progressive slots machines should be avoided at all costs. What it does mean however is that you should have a more realistic expectation of your chances for actually hitting the big jackpot. This way, you gain more enjoyment from playing progressive slots.

Real World Slots

Comparing Online Slots To Real World Slots

When it comes down to it, online slots aren’t really all that much different from slots games in “real world” or land based casinos. If there are any differences, these mostly have to do with the technical aspects of the game as opposed to any differences in the game play. While you do need some basic computer skills to play online slots–it is a computer game after all–you will find that they are virtually identical at the core.

Today, there is an absolute wealth of online slots games on the Internet–the count has been placed at around 300 games, although there may be considerably more–and they include such variations as video slots, multi-line, and free slots.

As for the payouts, online slots typically offer better deals than slot games that you can normally find in land-based casinos, and the odds in favor of the player are usually much greater as well.

General Slots Rules

Slot is a very easy game to play.

1. Place Bet: To get start, first thing to do is to place your bet. You may place one to five coins per play; some slot games accept up to ten. Coin values depend on the machine; it may worth 5 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar or 5 dollars.
2. Click Button to Spin: Once you have placed your bet, you are now ready to click the button to spin the wheel and wait for the result.
3. Check the outcome: Once the wheel has come to stop, its position determines if you win and how much you win. You can actually check out the pay table that lists the type and amount of the payout for winning combinations. It is important to read and understand first about your goal because pay tables differ for different games. If you achieve 3 bells in one machine, it may pay out 20-1, but it may pay out 3-1 in other machine. It is advised to check out the help button to answer all queries you may have. All online slot games do have this.

Take note that the online slot games payout percentages are determined by the casino operator in a land based slot machines. He may set the machine and advertise that machine is set to payout at 97%. Then the casino will have a $3 profit.

Slots Machines: Miss or Near-Miss?

If you have been playing slots machines for a while, there have obviously been many times when the combinations that you come up with have been way off the mark. This is a common enough occurrence, and it is safe to say that it is a normal part of playing the slots machines. There is a however a related phenomenon that is even more frustrating when you play the slots machines, and this is what is known as a “near-miss”.

Why does this happen? The chances of the winning combination showing up on a payline is actually controlled by the winning percentage that is programmed into the slots machine. That being said, it is far more likely that the “winning combination” will appear above or below a payline than on the payline itself, since theses combinations are all distributed equally in a random fashion. If the “winning combination” is “7-7-7″, the combinations above and below this one are far more likely to appear. Keep in mind that near misses only occur in slots machines that use abbreviated physical reels to display the winning patterns based on the RNG.