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Strike It Rich With Bob’s Bowling Bonanza!
Are you the type of person who just can’t seem to get your mind off bowling? Even when you are playing the video slots?

Well, with this stunning new release from the undisputed leaders of the casino gaming software industry–Microgaming Casinos–you won’t have to divide your time between the two things you love the most! The name of the game is Bob’s Bowling Bonanza, and it offers all the thrills and chills of intense fast paced video slots action with the knock ’em down excitement of a real bowling match. Truly the best of both worlds as far as lovers of bowling and video slots are concerned, Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is definitely a unique take on the familiar video slots theme.
Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is a 5 reel video slots game that provides a humorous twist to the action. Numerous symbols and characters from the world of bowling make their appearance here, adding a comical element to a game that is unmistakably action packed and enjoyable. Bob’s Bowling Bonanza is ideal for all players regardless of playing experience, and offers a humongous 30 pay lines.

The Mystery And Excitement Of Johnny Specter Video Slot
The world of video slots is about to take a turn for the decidedly spooky with the release of this ghoulish new video slots game that is sure to send shivers down your spine. It is called Johnny Specter Video Slot and if you have a taste for things that go bump in the night, this game will surely be your cup of spirits!
Johnny Specter Video Slot follows the adventures of our hero Johnny as he makes his way through some deliciously frightening settings in search of naughty ghosts. Along the way, numerous opportunities for some chilling rewards lie in wait, many of which are unlocked by the humorously hoary hooligans themselves! One particularly ornery ghost floats through the reels, lurking for symbols that he can transform into a wild. You will want to be there when it happens, for you can get the chance to win some truly blood curdling rewards. And when the spooky Haunted Mansion makes an appearance on reel 5, you just know that you are in for a screaming good time.
The numerous scatters also offer you added winning opportunities, with the 3x, 4x, and 5x being the symbols that you will want to materialize. While the appearance of these scatters certainly won’t make Johnny life any easier, they can unleash a horde of ghastly ghouls that will make the entire reel positively haunted with wilds. This means that a host of even more rewards lie in wait for you and with this happening on every free spin, you are in for a truly rewarding game that can stand up to anything in this world and beyond.

Introduction to a No Deposit Major Millions Progressive Video Slot

This slot features a 3-reel, 3-pay line and 3-coin slot machine. It also features a multiple pay-lines for an increased probability of winning. Three coin bets activates a Wild and Multiplier Symbols together with the Progressive Jackpot.
One Major Millions symbol is enough to double the payout of any combination it substitutes for it is a Wild Symbol. Two symbols of that kind make you four times richer.
Of course, every rule comes with an exemption. One of this is that a progressive jackpot is for Real Account users or players only and qualification for progressive jackpot requires a maximum number of coins per spin. Progressive Jackpot means a continuous accumulation of prize and the current progressive jackpot value is shown in the game as credits, not coins. The requirement for qualification on the global Progressive Jackpot for this game is a three coin bet per spin.
You’re a Progressive Jackpot winner if three Major Millions symbol got to line up on the third enabled pay line. After the Jackpot is won, players around the world are notified and the Jackpots are reset to a minimum fixed value. Now that you’re familiar with the Major Millions slot, all you’ve got to do is look for a casino that offers no deposit and you can give it a try.

Are you a slot game player with an appreciation for trucks? If so, then you will certainly find a lot to like about this new offering called Truck Stop Video Slot!
A 5 reel, 9 pay line video slot game with a wild and a scatter symbol, Truck Stop Video Slot is an Australian styled game with a rough and ready trucking theme. Definitely a video slots game that those with a taste for the big rigs will love, the game is nevertheless interesting enough for any slot player to enjoy.
The game is ideal for slot players of all levels of playing experience–from the beginner all the way to the intermediate–and with a jackpot value of 1000 coins plus a 2nd highest pay of 900 coins, Truck Stop Video Slot is definitely more than worth your while.
For a slots game experience that takes you out on the open road and beyond, check out Truck Stop Video Slot!

If you are one of those people who grew up in the early days of video games when Space Invaders ruled the arcades, you will no doubt feel a touch of nostalgia for this new slot release. It is called What on Earth Video Slot, but with the intense action that it provides–as well as the numerous opportunities for some truly stellar wins–it may as well have been called the “Out of this World Video Slot”.
A 5 reel, multiple coin game with 9 pay-lines of unearthly fun, What on Earth Video Slot also offers a wild and a scatter symbol. And there’s even more treats in store. A further 3 bonus features gives you even more chances to take your winnings way up into the stratosphere.
One of the best things about What on Earth Video Slot is that the higher you bet, the bigger your potential bonus win amounts will be. So take it to the sky with What on Earth Video Slot!

Any free slots aficionado who is also a fan of the World Cup will surely find a lot to enjoy with this exciting new video slots release. It is called World Cup Video Slot and it promises to deliver all the excitement and crowd pleasing thrills of the well loved football event right to your own home by way of non stop free slots action.
Even if you are not a particularly big fan of the sport however, there is still a lot to enjoy here with its host of bonuses and features, as well as stunning graphics and crystal clear sound that will make a fan of you yet. Simply clicking on the link provided to you on the web site will transport you to a huge stadium that is filled with roaring crowds rooting for their favorite team.
While the World Cup video slot differs slightly from other city themed free slots games that you may run into, these differences only serve to add to its distinctive charm and definitely makes it one of the most enjoyable and captivating slot gaming experiences around.