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Slot Machines

There are different information out there about slots. However, there are also some information bound to be incorrect. Listed below are myths about slot machines.

Myth1: Slot machines have patterns or sequence of spins, which can be determined through careful and intense study. FALSE. Since slot machines are based on random number generators, there is no patter that can be tracked by any humans or even by a computer also.

Myth2: Coins that are hot and cold can hit big. FALSE. Your chance of winning does not depend on the coin you have inserted in the machine. It does not matter how hot or cold the coin is or even how many you put in because slot machines are based on random numbers.

Myth3: Someone hit a jackpot on the machine I have left. I should have gotten the jackpot if I kept playing. FALSE. It is not true because the slot machines runs based on random number generator (RNG). The machine is not programmed to go through cycle of payoffs. If you have stayed in the machine, you are not sure if you will hit the jackpot.

Myth4: I will not play in that slot machine because it just paid out a big jackpot. FALSE. Slot machines will give you the same winning odds before and after hitting the jackpot.

Myth5: I have been playing the slot machine for 5 straight days and have not hit the jackpot. It is now time to hit the jackpot. FALSE. The odds of hitting the jackpot are still the same. You cannot tell when to hit the jackpot.