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Pac Machine Slot Machine

A Taste Of The Classics With Pac Machine Slot Machine

Those of you who grew up in the 80s will surely get more than a taste of nostalgia with this much welcome new release that brings to life one of the most well loved video games of all time.

It is called the Pac Machine Slot Machine, and as you may have guessed from the name it is based on the famous Pac man video arcade games that drove so many thousands of kids crazy in the 80s and to this very day in fact.

Pac Machine Slot Machine is released by Aeroplayer, and we must say they have done a fabulous job of recreating the feel and excitement of the arcade classic. With this release, that lovable yellow chomping ball comes to you in the form of an action packed 3 reel free slots game. Much like the theme of that familiar game, playing Pac Machine Slot Machine involves spinning the reels and trying to escape from hordes of pesky ghosts.

Players who can manage to get a Pac-Man symbol on the third line wins a chance for a free respin, with the result of their wins being repeated over and over. For a taste of nostalgia coupled with pure and simple fun, definitely give this one a try!