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Slot machine with no pay lines

Microgaming came out with a new game last month called “Burning Desire” and it’s very unique, why you may ask? Well let me tell you why, it has NO pay lines! This is a very original slot game for an online casino. I can’t think of any other slot game software that has show cased a slot with no pay lines.

The way to win on this slot is to match symbols on each reel consecutively, but does not have to be in a row, they can be anywhere on the reel, as long as they are on 3 or more reels consecutively! This is just fantastic if you ask me, it makes winning so much easier, and it brings some flavor to an already over loaded market of slots.

Beautifully designed, with brightly colored symbols and nicely crafted graphics, this game is the start of a new era of slot machines. I believe in no time, this type of no pay line slots will be popping up all over the internet. Online casinos no a good thing when they see it, and microgaming just hit a home run! Jackpot City Casino and Royal Vegas Casino among others are where you can find this new slot game. Enjoy yourself with the freedom of not having to be confined to pay lines to win!