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Free Online Slots

Free Bonus Slots

Why include free bonus slots?

The free bonus slots rounds are included in the machines to give the players a chance to know how the real game operates. Those who play in the free version of the slot machines are generally newcomers who are learning the game. In order to teach them the entire game the free bonus slots rounds are included with the game.

The developers of the game know that the entire game is free and that people who are experienced in slots will be amazed to see the free bonus slots rounds. These rounds have not been kept for the experienced players. They have been included for the newcomers who are learning the game. The free bonus slots complete the entire learning experience.

Free slot games for cash

A few online casinos offer free slots games for cash prizes. Playing slots tournaments you can win cash prizes on these slots games with free entry. The slots are scheduled and some of the cash prizes are worth thousands while others are only a few dollars. Join Microgaming Casinos to claim these free slots games to win cash prizes.
Another choice is play free international casino games where you can player free slots games and win prizes which include trips, cars and of course cash. Fortune Lounge offers the international casino games. Join any of the fortune lounger casinos in the banner below to play the international casinos games or slots tournaments.
Some of these casinos also offer some excellent free slots with no deposit. You may cash out winnings once you have played the bonus.

Is free slots bonus really worth it?

Ask any professional gambler if free slots bonus is worth the hue and cry and they will reply in the negative. After all these pros play for money and they just do not bother or care about the free online games. But these free slots bonus makes all the difference for kids. They keep on playing till they are able to crack the slots machine so that they can get to play this round.

Most of these young players await this round with baited breath. They feel proud of winning the free slots bonus. They feel like they have won a competition. Forget the fact that this will not provide them with any cash or monetary gains. But these kids are playing for the sheer fun of it. They are not hunting for cash. The free slots bonus provides them with just that.

Many Online Casinos are now offering new signups a massive amount of “free money” to try their casinos out and play their slots. But are these free slots worth playing? Some of these casinos are giving amounts up to $2000! Now that’s a lot of free money! The rules for these free money slot games is that you have to play, with a time limit [ for most of the offers, some of the offers allow you to play as long as you wish, but for smaller amounts of “free money”].

Most of the casinos offering these promotions give you a 1 hour time limit to try and play their free slots on a mini casino that pops up when you click the “Start the free play” button. You get a pretty good variety of slot games to play, but not all the slot games that the casino itself offers, just a little taste of their games are included in the free slots promotion.

It can really be a good deal for the new gambler, because it gives you a chance to win number one, and you get the feel of the games that this casino has to offer. But if you happen to win off this free slot promotion, be aware that you have to most likely deposit a small amount of money before you can claim your winnings.

Free Slot Spins

An attractive slots bonus is free slot spins. Several online casinos will give players free spins on the slot machines. These free slot spins are as few as fifty and up to 1000 spins on selected slots games. Microgaming casinos do sponsor the free slot spins which gives players a chance to try out the slot machines at their own leisure.

Another form of free slot spins is when playing certain slot machines and you hit symbols that credit the player with free spins bonus. The slot machine may give a few as three free spins and up to 100 depending on the machine choosen to play. Some slots will give a re-trigger bonus awarding even more free spins. You can find these slots games within the casino software in a category just for selected games.