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Video Slots

Video slot machine is a slot machine with a video screen generating a picture of spinning reels. Because of its many variations, enjoyable themes, colorful graphics and the chance of big winnings, video slots are the most well liked casino games.

Many players would prefer playing this slot machine compared to other games. There are huge selection of different slots to play like the straight forward 3 reel machines for the learner players, and the most sophisticated 5 reel video slots with bonus features and progressive jackpots. With these slots it will surely keep many players amused for many hours.

The first video slot machine hits casino floors on 1975 when Walt Fraley invents the “Fortune Coin” video screen game. During that time players do not trust the virtual reels over the wide spread spinning reel slots. But in 1976, IGT sees the potential of the video slot and decided to buy the Fortune Coin manufacturer and uses the technology to bring out a host of new games. And in 1979, the video slot grows its popularity because of the invention of video poker. From that time, new and exciting features of video slots continually grow. Today you can find many video slots with many bonuses as well.

Free video slots are one of the most popular of the different games available on the online casinos and most people just discuss about this game. If you meet anyone discussing about online games there is no way that you will not hear them discussing about free video slots. If you have played these games before you know the reason why so many people get animated when talking about these games. However, if you are one of them who have never played this game before, it is recommended that you log into any online gambling site and try it out for yourself.

Register yourself with these sites that offer you free video slots and let yourself be pampered a bit while playing them. Spare a through for your tired eyes and mind after a hard day at office and also give the other members of the family something to rejoice about. They will real enjoy the sight and sounds of these amazing games. The best point is that no money is involved in free video slots.